Ingrown toenail removal is ensured by our podiatry department at Renew Skin & Health Clinic and people from Birmingham can now benefit from our safe and effective minor surgery ingrown toenail treatments as well.

Ingrown toenails are caused when the sides of the nail bed penetrate the skin, causing a wound and most probable, an infection. In some situations, extra tissue can form causing bleeding due to its high vascularized structure. Ingrown nails are usually caused by wearing unfitting shoes or inappropriate nail trimming. So, if the ingrown toenail is in its early stages and only mildly inflamed, you can try improving your foot hygiene, trim the nail straight across, gently push away de skin from the nail sides and wear comfortable shoes to prevent the nail from further growing inappropriately.

If your toenail condition does not improve, you will most definitely have to have it removed surgically. Ingrown toenail minor surgery can be performed through two methods: partial avulsion (removal) or total avulsion, depending on the specialist’s recommendation. The partial nail avulsion implies the removal of the nail’s edges, to make it narrower and give it a straighter edge, after which a phenol solution is applied to prevent the nail from growing back and prevent the future development of the ingrown toenail. Total nail avulsion involves the removal of the whole toenail, reducing thus any risk or recurrence.

Both procedures are carried out under local anesthetic, are thus painless, safe and can help you get rid of the unaesthetic and painful ingrown toenail condition. One of our specialists or consultant surgeons performing the procedure will also give you details on post-surgical toenail care.

If you are dealing with a painful, infected or simply troublesome ingrown toenail, contact us at the Renew Skin & Health Clinic headquarters, even if you are from Birmingham and schedule a consultation to have your toenail examined. After this, one of our private dermatologists will be able to recommend the minor surgical procedure that best suits you so you can once and for all eliminate this distressful condition.