Hair loss, or alopecia, is an affliction that can considerably affect our self-esteem, especially if it is, as in the case of male pattern baldness, a permanent occurrence. Luckily for us, modern medical science can provide a number of male pattern baldness treatments that range in effectiveness, cost and result. Renew Skin & Health Clinic makes available to the general public a great number of options ranging from the most non-invasive, such as non-surgical hair transplant, to the most effective, such as follicular unit transplantation surgery or follicular unit extraction surgery. This allows the patient to select the course of action that is best suited to his particular needs or preferences.

Non-surgical hair transplant is the perfect option for those who wish to conceal the effects of alopecia but do not have the time to undergo a more invasive procedure. A thin and completely transparent membrane infused with natural hair is placed on the patient’s scalp, giving the impression of a natural full head of hair. The membrane is specially designed to fit the patient’s scalp, hair color and hair texture perfectly, making it a convincing means of addressing the effects of alopecia. If you wish to use surgical means of hair restoration, the experienced medical experts of Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommend follicular unit transplantation surgery, also known as FUT hair surgery, and follicular unit extraction surgery, or FUE hair surgery, as the best means of recovering your hair density. Follicular units will be extracted, either individually or through strip harvesting, from the donor area of the scalp and will be transferred to the recipient area which has been affected by baldness or hair thinning. The patients can benefit from a procedure that will result in a natural-looking head of hair using their own hair follicles as the building blocks of the entire transformation. There are also a number of chemical treatments that can reverse some of the effects of hair loss, but the results often vary and can actually lead to the increase of long-term hair loss due to development minoxidil dependency.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, our team of medical and hair specialists will provide you with the best hair restoration solutions, excellent expertise and access to the latest medical technology. If you wish to benefit from the advantages we can offer, simply contact the Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office to schedule an appointment. 

Before After Results for Hair transplant