People from Stratford upon Avon are now invited to Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa to treat and get rid of the unaesthetic skin growths on their bodies such as lipomas and sebaceous cysts or other dermatological conditions that can cause so much distress.

Lipomas are small skin growths containing fat cells, in a thin, fibrous capsule situated between the skin and the first muscle layer. Lipomas can appear anywhere on the body, but are mostly present on the face, neck, torso and upper limbs, being moveable with a rubbery consistency, painless and rarely and slowly changing their size over the years. Although noncancerous growths, lipomas may present certain symptoms such as pain and tenderness, infections, foul-smelling discharges, rapid growth over short periods of time, becoming highly bothersome, at which point you should immediately see a GP or a dermatologist.

Sebaceous cysts are also small skin growths, filled with keratin, appearing subcutaneously. They too are noncancerous growths and usually asymptomatic, nevertheless in the case of an infection, sebaceous cysts can become very bothersome and unaesthetic. They appear on the face, ears, neck, torso but also anywhere else on the body being caused by swollen hair follicles, skin trauma or impaired sebaceous glands. When they start to present symptoms of an infection such as redness, tenderness and pain, increase temperature of the affected area and foul-smelling discharge, do not hesitate so seek professional advice.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic our GPs and private dermatologists are highly specialized, and can easily diagnose problematic lipomas or sebaceous cysts. If these lumps still look suspicious after a first GP examination, you will be further referred to a private dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis and to rule out any other skin conditions that may resemble these noncancerous lumps – in some cases a biopsy may be required to detect the possible existence of malignant cells. Regarding the treatments for lipomas and sebaceous cysts, our specialists recommend the classic minor surgery which implies the removal of the entire growth (in the case of cysts, the sac should also be removed) to prevent future recurrence or complications.

The minor surgical extraction procedure is performed under local anesthetic, so you will not experience any pain or discomfort, and although the wound will be closed with stitches, due to our plastic surgeons’ expertise, the scar will be minimal. Post-surgical instructions for self-care will also be given to you in order to avoid facing future infections and to ensure an optimum and fast healing of the treated areas.

Contact us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic headquarters, even if you are from Stratford upon Avon, and benefit from the professional medical services ensures by our clinic, while safely and effectively get rid of the unaesthetic skin growths on your skin!