Lip haemangiomas are described as red skin growths that emerge near the lips. The specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic state that these vascular deformities are not cancerous and even if they are most common in the lip area, they can also surface on other parts of the body. Lip haemangioma does not present painful symptoms; the only discomfort is that it may cause local irritability. So, avoid scratching the mark as it can bleed and subsequently be prone to infection.

Lip haemangiomas are common in newborns, but according to the specialists, these will fade on their own by the age of 10 or sooner. If they do not, the lip haemangioma removal laser treatment in Nuneaton is a safe, non-surgical procedure for both the young and old suffering from this skin condition.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, the lip haemangioma removal treatment is a procedure done by some of the best dermatologists with the aid of a pulse dye laser technology. This painless procedure is based on a natural dye as the base along with a powerful solvent. The laser releases thermolysis pulsations which will annihilate the vascular deformities under the skin, leaving patients with minimal scarring or pain after this non-surgical procedure.

The lip haemangioma removal laser treatment in Nuneaton is a quick cosmetic intervention and it will not require a long recovery period. So patients will be up on their feet within a few hours from the intervention. Another advantage of the lip haemangioma laser removal in Nuneaton is the fact that since it is a minimally invasive procedure, it will leave minimal scarring, without affecting the tissues surrounding the affected area.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, before performing such a procedure, the patients are thoroughly examined by the physicians. The health status along with any other details regarding the patients’ medical antecedents is vital information before undergoing this cosmetic lip haemangioma laser removal treatment in Nuneaton.

The lip haemangioma removal laser treatment in Nuneaton is the perfect solution that will aid all those suffering from this unaesthetic skin condition. Contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and book your consult today. Operators are standing by with all the necessary information.