Leg ulcers are represented by breaks in the skin of the lower extremities, allowing air and bacteria to penetrate the skin and affect the underlying tissue. When blood circulation is optimal, these breakages and wounds usually heal up in maximum two weeks, but when there is an underlying serious cause, the healing process is slowed down or even stopped and the breakdown area increases in size. Most common causes for leg ulcers are venous diseases (about 80% of cases), arterial diseases (about 15% of cases) and other causes such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis (about 5% of cases). Due to an irregular and inconsistent blood flow and subsequent increased high pressure within the veins, the affected skin does not receive the necessary nutrients and blood supply and is unable to heal and regenerate. As our Renew Skin & Health Clinic lead doctor Jha states, there are two main types of leg ulcers, acute and chronic. While the former usually heals in up to 4-6 weeks, the latter extends over this period and usually worsens.

The usual treatment of leg ulcers requires a multidisciplinary management, starting with controlling the pressure in the veins and continuing with the treatment of the leg ulcer. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic we provide leg ulcer sufferers with highly effective leg ulcer Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment in Oxford and Nuneaton, a revolutionary autologous therapy that uses the patient’s blood resources to trigger and enhance tissue healing and regeneration. Platelets are blood compounds that contain proteins, also known as growth factors that stimulate cell migration, new capillaries formation (which is essential in forming new blood supplies to the decaying tissue due to faulty venous circulation), new cell formation and differentiation and new collagen formation, all these processes being vital for tissue regeneration.

Following the specialized consultation performed by our experienced doctor at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, during which your medical history and current health condition are assessed, we will proceed with the same-day leg ulcer PRP treatment in Oxford and Nuneaton. The Platelet-Rich plasma leg ulcer treatment is a non-surgical, minimally invasive, painless, fast and highly effective procedure that starts with the withdrawal of a small quantity of your blood – between 30 and 60 ml. This blood is then placed into a centrifugation machine and spun following a well-determined protocol that will separate red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets and change their levels for therapeutic use. Compared to the normal composition of blood, which is approx. 93% red blood cells (RBG), 1% white blood cells (WBC) and 6% platelets in plasma, the centrifuged blood will have 5% RBG and 94% platelets. The platelet enriched plasma is then injected into the affected ulcerated tissue using a micro needle, the procedure being carried out under local anesthesia so no pain and discomfort is experienced. This high concentration of platelets is essential in speeding up tissue regeneration and ensuring an effective and complete chronic leg ulcer treatment in Nuneaton and Oxford.

As compared to the traditional multidisciplinary approach to leg ulcer treatment which implies substantial costs for wound cleansing, necrotic of dead tissue removal, wound dressing, possible surgery (vein surgery and skin graft application) and compression therapy, the Platelet-Rich Plasma leg ulcer treatment in Oxford and Nuneaton is a safe, affordable and, mostly important, minimally invasive and biocompatible procedure. Moreover, after having undergone the PRP leg ulcer treatment at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, people in Oxford and Nuneaton will be given professional aftercare advice to allow for continuous tissue regeneration improvement and prevent future leg skin ulcerations. Aftercare usually consists in wearing compression stocking during the day, keeping legs elevated whenever possible, proper and constant skin hydration using moisturizing creams to prevent dryness and a healthy lifestyle that includes weight loss, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, exercising and quitting smoking.

For more information or to directly schedule an appointment with Dr. Jha at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office in Leamington Spa, simply contact us and our operators will take care of the rest. The Platelet-Rich Plasma leg ulcer treatment in Oxford and Nuneaton is an amazing non-surgical alternative therapy that will address both the medical and cosmetic issue posed by leg ulceration.