Leg ulcer is practically a sore that develops on the inside of the leg, right above the ankle, the affected leg showing signs of itching, pain and swelling. Hardened or discolored skin can also appear around the ulcer, as it is a leg skin breakage, most commonly caused by injuries, that permits air, thus any possible bacteria, to permeate the underlying tissue. Other symptoms alerting you that you are suffering from leg ulcer are brown spots, foul odor, an infection, bruising, or rarely hemorrhage. If you experience these symptoms, be sure to seek professional advice and maybe consider undergoing the effective and non-surgical leg ulcer Platelet Rich Plasma treatment in Northampton and Banbury.

Leg ulcer is also known as venous leg ulcer because it usually derives from a venous disease in 80% of cases, but it can also be caused by an arterial disease in 15% of cases, the other factors representing the remaining 5%, respectively rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. 1 in 50 people with age over 80 suffer from leg ulcer, which can be acute or chronic. The first type is expected to heal in 4 to 6 weeks, while chronic leg ulcer lasts much longer than that and affects around 1% of the elderly and middle-aged population. Anyone with this condition can benefit from the minimally invasive and safe leg ulcer Platelet Rich Plasma private treatment in Northampton and Banbury.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is an innovative leg ulcer treatment for people in Northampton and Banbury, representing an efficacious method used to eliminate the swelling and pain in your leg, all together with other symptoms that you experience. Highly trained doctors perform this procedure at Renew Skin & Health in Leamington Spa where clinic lead Dr Jha advises you to firstly schedule an appointment for a specialized consultation. It is important to know all the aspects regarding your condition, because it is possible to be caused by two or more other serious disorders at the same time.

Leg ulcer Platelet Rich Plasma private treatment in Northampton and Banbury performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic by or/and under the careful supervision of Dr Jha, is a painless and autologous procedure consisting in the collection of a sample of your blood, its centrifugation at a certain speed and its injection into the affected area of the leg, thus treating it without harming the surrounding tissue. Platelet Rich Plasma contains a concentration of platelets which cause the blood to clot.  PRP also possesses various growth factors that are extremely useful for tissue regeneration. The growth factor is a substance that quickens the cell renovation process, thus increasing the wound-healing rate and development of new capillaries. The Platelet Rich Plasma leg ulcer treatment in Northampton and Banbury is a non-surgical, autologous, minimally invasive and highly efficient procedure that provides you positive cosmetic results, as new healthy skin will form over the healed unaesthetic and most importantly, painful wound.

By contacting our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic you will take the first step towards undergoing the leg ulcer Platelet Rich Plasma treatment in Banbury and Northampton, a non-surgical outpatient procedure that will rid you of the highly unaesthetic and painful ulcerations and allow you to return to your activities the same day. It is possible that you will need 6 or more sittings, but the results are simply amazing.