Vulvodynia is an extremely painful and bothersome pain syndrome that causes pain in the vulvar area, having a huge impact on women’s lives, impairing their ability to exercise, socialize and have intercourse or even work. Women dealing with this highly distressful syndrome can now appeal to Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s Consultant, Dr Amgad R Habib MBBCh, MSc and MRCOG. Dr Habib completed his training in Genito-Urinary Medicine in West Midlands Hospitals and has been appointed as a Consultant in GUM since 2004. His main interest is treating skin conditions in male and female genital area including warts treatment and various STIs, and specializes in vulvar painful conditions (vulvodynias and dyspareunia).

Vulvodynia is a multifactorial syndrome of vulvar pain, sexual dysfunction and psychological distress that manifests in women of any age, starting with the teen years, with no apparent cause, affecting the external female genital organs. There are four subtypes of vulvodynia, the main ones being generalized vulvodynia – the vulvar pain is oscillatory in terms of area and time intervals, it may also be constant or irregular, triggered or not by touch or pressure; and vulvar vestibulitis syndrome – the pain, usually a burning sensation, manifests in the vestibule, that is the entrance to the vagina and is only triggered by touch or pressure, generally during intercourse.

The symptoms that most women suffering from vulvodyinia are: burning and stinging sensations, aching, soreness, itching, experienced all the time or occasionally, localized or throughout the entire vulva during exercises, intercourse, walking, sitting or even while at rest.
As previously mentioned, specialists have not yet determined an exact cause for vulvodynia, except that it is not caused by infections, so it is not sexually transmittable, they may include: frequent antibiotic use and hypersensitivity to yeast infections, history of sexual abuse, hormonal changes, muscles spasms, allergies or irritation to various substances of fabrics, abnormal response of vulvar cells to an infection or trauma, nerve injury or genetic factors that trigger a poor response of the vulva to chronic inflammation.

Regarding the treatment of vulvodynia, Dr Amgad R Habib favors a multidisciplinary approach, starting with a self-care program that will help you relieve the symptoms of vulvodyinia such as:
• avoiding potential irritants substances or clothing
• avoid activities that put direct pressure on the vulva
• soak in lukewarm or cool sitz baths
• during intercourse use water-soluble lubricants and after apply ice wrapped inside a towel
• try relaxation techniques.

You must know that there is no singular treatment for vulvodynia that works for all women, some individuals may react positive to some treatments while others may needs a combination of treatments for best results. Nevertheless, you should also consider therapy as the chronic pain induced by vulvodynia can also affect you emotionally. Among medication, Dr Amgad R Habib may recommend nerve blocks, topical estrogen creams, anticonvulsants, local anesthetics (lidocaine), tricyclic antidepressants or interferon injections. As for therapy, physical therapy may be of help, involving the strengthening exercises for the pelvic muscles to ease spasms and biofeedback which will help you relax the vaginal muscles and ease the pain. In some situations when none of the other alternative brings any improvement, surgery maybe recommended, especially in the case of vulvar vestibulitis syndrome consisting in the surgical removal of the painful tissue.

No treatment or solution is recommended without a prior consultation, that why, at Renew Skin & Health Clinic we “tailor” the vulvodynia treatment according to your exact diagnosis and only after having assessed your medical history and current health condition that will help us take every medical details into account when prescribing the treatment and also prevent possible risks or complications regarding it. Our genito-urinary specialist Dr Amgad R Habib and an entire team of specialists are at your disposal to help you achieve optimum results from a vulvodynia treatment that best suits you.

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