Renew Skin & Health Clinic is happy to say that with the help of our cosmetic specialist, the semi-permanent make-up and cosmetic tattoo is now ready to solve the needs of people in Leamington Spa, in matter of aesthetic and cosmetic problems. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic you can find the solution to your problems by choosing the semi-permanent make-up or cosmetic tattoo treatments. This technique is designed to give you a fresh appearance, a flawless skin, richer hair, improved eyelines or lip lines and even new areolas. By mechanically applying inorganic, hypoallergenic, emollient and fragrance-free pigments into the thin layer of the skin, you will get rid of imperfections and bring your appearance closer to perfection, revealing your true natural beauty just by using a little shade on the eyes to enhance the eyelines, a little bit of color on the lips for better defined lip lines or getting your eyebrows defined and with a beautiful design.

If you suffered from medical problems like alopecia, you had a surgery that resulted in scars or you simply aren’t satisfied with your features and you want to make small but visible changes, the semi permanent cosmetic tattoo is the right choice to make. Its power consists in making you more beautiful in a natural way, so if you undergo the semi permanent make-up or cosmetic tattoo, you will look simply natural and beautiful with no need for make-up for at least two years and maximum five.

The semi-permanent make-up is capable of offering you a wide range of different interventions that might suit one of your needs. If you want more contoured eyelids and eyelines, at Renew Skin & Health Clinic you can get an eyeliner tattoo or lash enhancement for your lashes to receive a more mysterious look. For fuller lips and a perfect mouth shape, the semi-permanent make-up will embellish the color of your lips and also give you the effect of volume that revives your lips and the lip lines to their original youth. The semi-permanent make-up is the perfect alternative for people who are allergic to the common make-up cosmetics. In this way they don’t need to suffer anymore and are able to get the look of their life for at least 2 years. The semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo gets its name in time, it fades away. So if people in Leamington Spa and not only, wish to have one of these semi-permanent make-up or cosmetic tattoo procedures, they will be provided with immediate and visible effects that will restore their self-confidence and appearance.

Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa is ready to show you how efficient the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo is in areola repigmentation, consisting in tattooing the areolas and even 3D nipples onto the breasts for women who had suffered a mastectomy or reconstructive breast surgery and who will consider the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo as one of the most effective and cosmetically satisfying solutions, due to its visual effects. In case you are having problems with hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy or accidents, the hair simulation is a trick in semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that involves tattooing natural hair follicles onto the scalp to give the clients the visual effect of denser hair or thicker eyebrows. Finally, based on the results it ensures, the semi-permanent make-up and cosmetic tattoo is in fact the key to a beautiful body and face, as the procedure also ensures highly effective scar camouflage for people dealing with smaller or larger unaesthetic scarring on their bodies.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa, together with our cosmetic specialist await you to test and see with your own eyes the powers of this almost magical procedure, the semi-permanent make-up or cosmetic tattooing. Feel free to call at our Head Office on 01926 422 454 to book a consultation/procedure or to receive more details, our operators being at your disposal with any type of information you may require.