Vaginal rejuvenation is somewhat like a skin lift for the vulva and/or vagina, providing tightness and aesthetical improvements to any woman who wishes to undergo such a procedure.

Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic offers vaginal rejuvenation procedures in Worcester to help fight the effects of ageing, birth, atrophy and other issues which may arise during women’s lives. The solution is simple. We have the pleasure of presenting a revolutionary medical equipment, namely the DEKA SmartXide2 V2LR, specifically created for the delicate tissues of the female genital system. The DEKA SmartXide2 V2LR (Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping) ensures the effects of cosmetic surgery without the complications, risks, invasiveness and so on.

The laser vaginal rejuvenation in Worcester is designed to achieve incredible cosmetic results for vaginal rejuvenation, being utterly painless, minimally invasive, quick, requiring no downtime and having a fast recovery. A revolutionary new approach to Female Sexuality, DEKA SmartXide2 V2LR is a non-ablative laser therapy based on photothermal action upon the vaginal tissues. With a precise control, the laser pulses act upon the targeted tissues and the collagen within, causing the contraction of fibers, which become shorter and thicker, which results in a shrinking of the tissues. Collagen synthesis is also stimulated, the treated tissue becoming younger, tighter and more flexible.

As mentioned above, the SmartXide2 V2LR laser vaginal rejuvenation in Worcester performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic requires no downtime for the patients and recovery is achieved in 1 to 2 weeks, during which our doctor specialist recommends a sexual activity break for full and complete healing of the treated genital area.

DEKA SmartXide2 V2LR has developed a breakthrough procedure for treating age-related vulvovaginal problems. SmartXide2, the innovative CO2 laser system specifically produced for V2LR (Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping), deals with the new field of medicine for vulvo-vaginal tightening, a solution for all women without the adverse side effects of drug therapies.

You can now benefit from the amazing DEKA SmartXide2 V2LR laser vaginal rejuvenation and tightening in Worcester by simply contacting our Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s Head Office and scheduling an appointment with our doctor specialist. We will take care of the rest from then on for this genital cosmetic laser treatment to be completely successful.