As we can see, genital cosmetic laser treatments are often used by women. The reasons for using this procedure are various. Among these reasons the most encountered are: improvement of the sexual life, getting back the shape of the vagina after the damages caused by child delivery, injuries, stress and cosmetic reasons. Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommends the laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Rugby for its amazing advantages. The procedure will be performed by our doctor specialist.

Multiple child deliveries can lead to the stretching of the vaginal walls and the sexual life can be negatively affected by this. To avoid this unpleasant sort of situations, women often search for this type of intervention. Laser vaginal tightening in Rugby performed with DEKA SmartXide² V²LR, is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, and it doesn’t cause pain at all. Positive results will immediately appear and will lead to the improvement of both sexual and social life due to the level of self-confidence that will also increase. The vaginal tightening process won’t become an impediment that will require interruption of your daily activities and the recovery period won’t last more than a week.

Further on, for benefiting from DEKA SmartXide2 V2LR laser vaginal tightening in Rugby, you first set up a meeting with our doctor from Renew Skin & Health Clinic in order to have a specialized consultation for assessing your health status, to see if the criteria for having laser vaginal rejuvenation are met. Secondly, if you are an ideal candidate, the process can move forward by benefiting from the revolutionary laser rejuvenation intervention. The entire procedure will last approximately one hour.

The main advantage of this genital cosmetic laser treatment for vaginal tightening with DEKA SmartXide2 V2LR laser is the fact that it reconstructs the initial shape and elasticity of the vagina, through photothermal action, by increasing the production and release of new collagen. This results in the thickening and shortening of the fibers. Lastly, after the laser vaginal rejuvenation in Rugby has been performed, our doctor specialist will give you information about the recovery period.

You can now benefit from laser vaginal rejuvenation in Rugby! The process is very simple and won’t require a lot of time. All you have to do is get in contact with Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s Head office and establish a meeting with our doctor specialist. You can obtain sexual gratification with this cosmetic genital treatment by utilizing DEKA SmartXide2 V2LR laser therapy. The results are excellent, permanent and high-quality. Your needs can be satisfied and your life improved with this simple laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Rugby.