Vaginal structure decay due to child delivery, natural ageing, trauma or other conditions mostly leads to loss in vaginal tightness, which does not only affect the female sufferers but also their partners. Although vaginal relaxation is nothing to worry about from a medical point of view, it can raise issues from a psychological one, thus many women dealing with this condition seeking for procedures that would ensure vaginal rejuvenation or tightening.

In this respect, Renew Skin & Health Clinic and our doctor specialist provide you with a revolutionary new approach to female sexuality through the non-surgical and minimally invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Leicester using the SmartXide2 V2LR laser therapy.

Prior to the laser vaginal rejuvenation private treatment in Leicester, our doctor specialist will perform a specialized consultation to determine the exact number of session you may require and the intensity of the laser’s caliber for excellent results. The laser vaginal rejuvenation in Leicester is non-surgical, minimally invasive, painless and highly effective in the shortest period of time, ensuring great results in vaginal tightening that are far superior to other, more invasive genital cosmetic treatments.

The SmartXide2 V2LR laser therapy for vaginal rejuvenation in Leicester is based on photothermal energy interacting with the vaginal tissues. The precision ensured by the SmartXide2 V2LR laser heats up the tissues and collagen within, causing its contraction and the reduction and thickening of fibers, which finally leads to shrinkage. Besides these immediate effects, on the long-term, the SmartXide2 V2LR genital cosmetic laser treatment triggers collagen remodeling and neocollagenesis, or collagen production stimulation. With new amounts of collagen, the vaginal tissues become thicker, more elastic and younger, proving to be a highly effective vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Leicester.

The SmartXide2 V2LR therapy for vaginal tightening in Leicester is a genital cosmetic laser treatment that lasts for maximum one hour, there is no downtime required and full recovery only lasts a few days, with the Renew Skin & health Clinic specialist’s recommendation to refrain from sexual activity during this period. People in Leicester undergoing this vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment will also be provided with all the necessary aftercare instructions so complete and cosmetic healing is achieved.

Do not hesitate to contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office to schedule an appointment with our doctor specialist for a vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment in Leicester to benefit from the amazing advantages of the SmartXide2 V2LR therapy which will change your life for the better.