No matter how much we try to protect our skin, there are certain cases in which we cannot avoid sustaining epidermal damage that cannot be corrected without the assistance of a trained medical professional. The appearance of stretch marks is almost impossible to avoid, especially for women, but fortunately, Renew Skin & Health Clinic now provides laser stretch marks removal in Stratford upon Avon by using the DEKA SmartXide CO2 fractional Laser device.

Stretch marks are, in fact, a form of skin scarring that is produced by the onset of puberty, pregnancy, hormonal changes or sudden weight change. They appear to be thin lines on the surface of the patient’s skin, located on the parts of the body that have been especially stretched. Depending on the underlying cause, the patient may experience belly stretch marks, thigh stretch marks, chest stretch marks, breast stretch marks, back stretch marks and arms stretch marks. Since stretch marks do not cause any discomfort or affect the functionality of the body in any way, they are not considered to be a health issue, though this skin condition does tend to cause problems when it comes to self-confidence and maintaining intimate relationships. Because Renew Skin & Health Clinic understands the importance beautiful skin can have when it comes to self-image, we now provide effective belly stretch marks removal, thigh stretch marks removal, chest stretch marks removal, breast stretch marks removal, back stretch marks removal and arms stretch marks removal in Stratford upon Avon by using the new DEKA SmartXide CO2 fractional Laser device.

The laser stretch marks removal in Stratford upon Avon is a safe, non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that implies limited risks for the patient and excellent aesthetic results. After a detailed consultation, one of our experienced dermatologists will use the pulsed light emitted by the DEKA SmartXide CO2 Laser device in order to slightly damage the skin cells and stimulate cellular regeneration and the production of collagen. Soon after the laser stretch marks removal procedure in Stratford upon Avon is over, the damaged layer of the dermis is shed, revealing a new layer that is completely uniform, healthy and that no longer presents any form of scarring. The duration of the entire laser stretch marks removal procedure does not extend beyond 15-30 minutes and no downtime is required of the patient. Also, keep in mind that this procedure is more effective in the case of people with fair skin. The price starts at £250 but may vary depending on a number of elements and will be established following the medical consultation.

If you consider that you can benefit from undergoing laser stretch marks removal in Stratford upon Avon, then Renew Skin & Health Clinic's team of dermatological specialists is ready to place their entire experience and resources at your disposal. If you live in Stratford upon Avon and wish to schedule an appointment, simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and we will take care of the rest.