Appearance is always important to one’s personal life which is why Renew Skin & Health Clinic strives to provide effective means of treatment and come up with solutions for every aesthetically related issue. Stretch marks can constitute a serious concern when it comes to self-confidence and self-image so, if you are interested in stretch marks removal in Leamington Spa, Renew Skin & Health Clinic can offer you a safe and non-invasive laser therapy performed with the revolutionary DEKA SmartXide fractional CO2 laser.

Stretch marks, often called striae, is a very common form of skin scarring that is generally caused by pregnancy, the onset of puberty, sudden weight change or hormonal changes. In most cases, the stretch marks will resemble small, dark lines and are located on the area of the skin that has suffered more stress. Depending on the cause of the skin condition, the patient may display belly stretch marks, thigh stretch marks, back stretch marks, arms stretch marks, chest stretch marks, buttocks stretch marks or breast stretch marks. Because they do not create any discomfort for the patient, or impede the proper functioning of his body, stretch marks do not pose any medical threat. Despite this, many feel that the unaesthetic skin lesions affect their personal life and their self-confidence. Due to the fact that we understand the importance of the skin’s health for the patient’s happiness, we now offer belly stretch marks removal, thigh stretch marks removal, breast stretch marks removal, back stretch marks removal, chest stretch marks removal and arms stretch marks removal in Leamington Spa performed using the new DEKA SmartXide CO2 fractional Laser device.

If you decide to benefit from the DEKA SmartXide CO2 laser for stretch mark removal in Leamington Spa at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, our dermatological specialists will offer you a detailed medical consultation and if your skin condition is fit for this intervention, an experienced dermatologists will use the intense pulsed light of the DEKA SmartXide CO2 laser in order to remove the affected tissue and stimulate collagen production and cellular renewal. After the stretch mark removal with laser therapy is complete, the unwanted stretch marks will disappear as the damaged layer is eliminated naturally, revealing a new layer of completely uniform skin, scar and stretch mark-free.

Laser stretch mark removal in Leamington Spa is a fast, safe, painless and FDA-approved procedure that helps you regain your smooth and flawless skin. The Deka Smart Xide CO2 Laser works wonders on any type of stretch marks, making them completely disappear. The laser eliminates the old stretched skin and allows the growth of new, unmarked skin, also stimulating the production of collagen. The final price will be set by the practitioner depending on the depth and age of your stretch marks and he/she will inform you upon the exact number of sessions needed for the complete removal of the thigh, buttocks, arm, chest, breast or belly stretch marks. The price for the laser stretch marks removal treatment in Leamington Spa begins at 250£.