Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa is inviting the people from Oxford to benefit from our extremely advantageous special offers and discounts on several cosmetic treatments.

Excess body hair can become a real esthetic distress and its removal using the revolutionary IPL laser therapy proved to achieve far superior and longer lasting results than any other technique. Renew Skin & health Clinic is offering a special offer for the laser hair removal treatment, so if you buy 5 sessions of the same area you will get one completely free of charge, this offer being available on all body areas, for both men and women, excluding however the Full Body treatment.

Thread veins are another highly unaesthetic and also problematic condition that can develop more serious complications than just the esthetic distress. Purchase now 3 IPL treatments for the face and get 2 with Nd:Yag completely free, having the chance to experience the effects of both types of laser therapies. Or, buy 3 sessions for the body and get 1 absolutely free while getting any small, medium or large thread veins removed.

The laser technology is so versatile that it can also be applied for the removal of acne, without harming the skin as it has highly precise target potential. We also ensure a special discount for acne removal, if you buy 3 sessions you get 1 free, saving yourself the price of one whole treatment. Acne or other superficial skin lesions can also be removed with the professional Jan Marini chemical peels, so buy 4 peels of 70%, get 2 of 40% completely free and enjoy a refreshed, smooth and flawless complexion.

Among facial treatments, we also have a special offer for the mesotherapy under the eyes treatment. Get rid of the unaesthetic dark circles and eye bags causing the tired eye appearance and enjoy a fresh, rejuvenated facial appearance by simply buying 2 mesotherapy sessions and getting 1 completely free and also saving a whole £150 along the way!!

And for those dissatisfied with their body figure, the Velashape treatment is an ideal solution. Our specialized physicians and clients who have undergone this procedure strongly recommend it as you can quickly and painlessly reduce cellulite, visibly tighten your skin and reshape your body. The special offer for Velashape is buy 3 and get 3 completely free! Who can refuse such an offer!?

Even if you are coming from Oxford, the journey to Leamington Spa will definitely be worth your while as our treatments are professional, the practitioners specialized and our services of top quality. You only have to convince yourselves of the results!

Before After Results for Special Offers