We are increasingly feeling the time restrictions imposed to us by a dynamic work environment, a busy family or an active social life. While the aesthetic standards we are held against are growing more demanding, we see ourselves unable to invest the necessary time for personal grooming. This is why Renew Skin & Health Clinic now provides effective laser hair removal in Nuneaton. Depending on your skin type, our laser specialist will provide you with either the Alexandrite or ND:Yag laser therapy to ensure complete and effective laser hair removal, Renew Clinic now also providing Asian skin laser hair removal in Nuneaton. There are 6 skin types that are categorized in the Fitzpatrick system. 

Skin type I – Light or freckled, never tans and always burns: Irish, Scandinavian, Northern European

Skin type II – white/ fair, sometimes tans, but usually burns: (people of European descent) English, German, Russian

Skin type III – olive, always tans, sometimes burns: light skinned Hispanics, Italian, Spanish and Greeks

Skin type IV – Brown, rarely burns, always tans easily: Hispanic, Asian, Indian

Skin type V – Moderately pigmented, very rarely burns: Jamaican, African

Skin type VI – Black skin, never burns: Nigerian, Sub-Sahara Africa

The laser device is a relatively novel technical innovation that has a wide variety of practical applications, including photorejuvenation and laser hair removal. The laser hair removal procedure is effective, non-invasive and safe. When it is performed by experienced medical personnel using quality equipment, there are very little chances for any medical issue to actually occur during the procedure. The procedure is very simple from a technical point of view: the unaesthetic strands of hair are exposed to intense pulses of laser light which is absorbed by the dark melanin located within the hair strand. The laser causes the hair strand to overheat and lose its structural integrity, eventually falling off without being able to regenerate. This type of laser hair removal treatment in Nuneaton is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, which means that the wavelength of the light beam and the duration of the pulse are set in such a manner as to maximize the damage caused to the follicular unit and minimize any potential damage to the adjacent skin. The dark melanin located within the hair follicle will absorb the laser beam at a far greater rate than the surrounding skin, meaning that it will also sustain greater damage. The dermatologist will be able to use the laser device to attack the unwanted strands of hair without inflicting anything on the skin. Because it does not expose the skin to any considerable stress or trauma, this technique can be used by both men and women in a various number of areas on the body, including the chest, the legs, the back, the arms and the bikini area. It is very effective in treating the effects of hypertrichosis, which refers to the excessive growth of body hair and is commonly found in men, and hirsuitism, or excessive growth of hair in women. Our dermatological team has considerable experience in providing excellent laser hair removal in Nuneaton and in designing special laser therapy regime for each individual patient according to his requirements, now also providing Asian skin laser hair removal treatments. 

In most cases, the effectiveness of the hair growth reduction procedure varies between a rate of 10% and 25% of follicular removal, depending on a number of factors. Thin-skinned areas, such as the armpits or the bikini area, tend to be more receptive to the effects of the laser while thick-skinned areas, such as the chin or the back, are more resistant. The colour and thickness of the targeted strand of hair also affects the efficiency of the procedure since larger, coarser hair is removed much more easily than thin, light hair. After each laser therapy session, the hair grows thinner and less dense until, after approximately 3-4 sessions, the treated portion of the skin will be almost completely hairless. Under normal circumstances, there is only minimal discomfort experienced by the patient, generally described as a mild irritation, which is easily addressed using cold compresses and anesthetic creams. The recovery period normally does not take more than 24 hours, during which all redness and irritation should subside. There is no downtime period required.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic provides excellent laser hair removal in Nuneaton, as well as Asian skin laser hair removal in Nuneaton in order to allow our patients the luxury of acquiring more free time. If you are ready to make this improvement, simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment.