Confidence and a presentable appearance are two important factors in nowadays route towards success. Most of us don’t usually associate unwanted hair on the body with a comfortable look, so in consequence, more and more people think about recurring to the laser hair removal treatment. This easy, painless, effective and lasting procedure allows us to feel confident every single day, not having to worry about waxing or shaving every other day or week.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic we offer our clients the best laser hair removal treatments. Our cosmetic specialists are some of the best in the industry and know exactly how to turn this unpleasant hair removal beauty routine into a great, innovative experience for you and your body. With last generation lasers, such as Alexandrite and Nd:Yag, we can guarantee you the best, safest cosmetic results that will exceed all of your expectations.

When proceeding to the actual laser treatment, you must be aware and acknowledge the different types of skin that exist and that their difference of pigmentation has a very important role in the laser hair removal treatment, determining the intensity of the laser UV lights used in the process. According to the international Fitzpatrick scale there are VI types of skin, varying from very fair/pale to dark brown skin.

If you are a descendent from the Medium dark-skinned Hispanics, Asians, Persians or other Middle Easterners, then you represent skin type IV on the Fitzpatrick scale. This means you have light brown skin, rarely burn and can easily tan.

Although in the early period of the light-based skin treatments discovery there were a lot more risks for the skin type IV laser hair removal, nowadays, due to the advanced technology, the laser targets the root of the hair rather than the surface skin, making this way the hair elimination process much simpler and easier. Our professional staff, along with the revolutionary Alexandrite and Nd:Yag lasers, will help you achieve the best results in combating and eliminating the unwanted hair on your body with absolutely no skin damage and downtime.

If you are ready for a great change in your daily beauty routine, sign up for a private specialized consultation here at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, in which we will inform you with all the additional details, such as the number of sessions needed, considering the density and thickness of the hair follicles and the most possible outcome of the treatment.