Labiaplasty is a surgical outpatient procedure that consists in labial reduction and it is chosen by women who want to remove the excess tissue for hygienic or cosmetic reasons. They usually admit that having a longer labia makes it difficult for them to maintain proper personal hygiene, thus causing irritation. Wearing certain clothes can cause discomfort to women with an enlarged or elongated labia, especially when the outline of the labia can be noticed through the clothing. This stressing issue can seriously affect a woman’s intimate contacts, making her feel self-conscious about this genital discomfort.

If you are dealing with this aspect and want to take measures, you must undergo a specialized consultation first. At our Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa the experienced doctors and clinic lead Dr Jha will make sure that your stay at the clinic, the procedure itself, the labiaplasty recovery and post-operative monitoring will ensue accordingly.

You also have to follow a few steps before undergoing the labiaplasty surgery as the doctor recommends, and after the specialized consultation you will be prepared for the actual genital minor surgery that is performed either under local, or general anesthesia, depending on your request. The safe and effective designer vagina treatment generally lasts up to 2 hours and it can be perfomed by using the trim method or the wedge method. During the labial reduction surgery the experienced doctor practically reduces the lengths of you labia, ensuring a normal size that will no longer cause physical or emotional discomfort.

After the labiaplasty treatment you will be able to return to your private room, the doctors will let you know about the post-operative procedures, and offer a thorough list of instructions. The labiaplasty recovery period length varies from patient to patient, and in some cases it can take up to several months for the treated area to heal completely.

Following the designer vagina surgery you will be permitted to return home, but only after a short period of time during which you have recovered from the numbness. Still, you have to be careful and avoid any physical strain. You are forbidden to drive because of the anti-anxiety drugs that are still in your system. In a few hours after the genital cosmetic procedure you will surely experience some pain and swelling, discomfort that will pass by the end of the first week, but what will remain of the swelling will be gone in about 6 weeks. The scars are very fine and will be completely concealed when the natural skin starts forming folds.

In the first week following the painless labiaplasty surgical procedure you must avoid going to work, in the second week epson salt soaks are advised, and you will have to restrain from sexual intercourse for maximum three weeks. Starting with the fourth week you will be able to return to your normal activities. The experienced doctor will do everything necessary so that you will go through the easiest labiaplasty recovery period possible. He will also recommend you an inflatable donut cushion to help you sit better.

Other instructions that the doctor will give you for the labial reduction treatment recovery include rest, proper wound hygiene, following antibiotics and painkillers treatment plans, wearing loose and comfortable clothing and underwear, switch tampons with sanitary napkins and continue taking daily sitz baths but avoid hot water.

Schedule an appointment at our labiaplasty clinic and following the designer vagina surgery, our specialists will be at your disposal throughout the entire labiaplasty recovery period to ensure maximum cosmetic results.

Due to the changing UK laws regarding the issue of cosmetic genital treatments being potentially considered genital mutilation procedures, see the "Labiaplasty" article for more information.