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What does a mole removal procedure consist of, how does it act upon the skin and does it imply large scarring or no scarring at all? What are the advantages of radio surgery?

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Answer for Is there any scarring left after mole removal? from Renew Skin Team
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Mole removal anyway implies the appearance of some scarring however, it's the removal method that makes the difference and then the size of the mole and the patient's skin type. With a surgical excision/biopsy that requires the removal of the entire mole and a tissue sample from around it, the scar will be larger and more obvious due to the sutures necessary to close the lesion.

Laser mole removal or electrosurgery can also leave more obvious scars because the burning of tissues is a relatively traumatizing process for the skin, and this will require a greater downtime and care.
Radiosurgery is one of the surgical procedures with minimal scarring risk. Because they penetrate the skin at a superficial level (0.02 mm), the radio waves do not cause any damage to the adjacent tissues, conferring a greater precision and hence, minimal scarring. After approximately two weeks from the mole removal, a scab will form in its place and fall off, exposing a new skin surface that will homogenize with the other in time, in some cases disappearing completely (it also depends on the skin type and pigment cells specific to every person).

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