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How does UV light affect a breast augmentation?

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Answer for Is tanning or sunbathing a bad idea after a recent breast augmentation in Leicester? from Renew Skin Team
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If you had a breast augmentation in Leicester at Renew Skin & Health Clinic then you might really enjoy your body right now because our cosmetic surgeons are among the best ones and provide amazing results with skill. However, now that you are happy with your body and new shape of the breasts it is understandable that you want a little bit of a tan too. However, tanning at salons or sun bathing will not damage the breast implant but it might make the eventual scars worse. It is recommended to avoid getting sun or tanning rays on the incisions for at least one year after surgery. Tanning rays are known to turn the incision darker on a permanent basis and that is not aesthetically pleasant. Moreover, the implant may feel warmer than the rest of your body while tanning and it will also take longer to cool down than your body. It is your choice if you want a tan right now but you are advised to talk to your cosmetic surgeon about sunbathing and tanning effects on breast augmentation in Leicester. Best of wishes!

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