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How relevant is the technical experience of the cosmetic surgeon and the supporting medical staff when performing FUE or FUT hair transplant? 

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Follicular unit extraction hair surgery and follicular unit transplantation hair surgery are considered relatively simple surgical procedures and imply very little medical risk for the patient, though it is well known that the cosmetic surgeon and the staff assisting him must have considerable experience in conducting such techniques in order for the result to be effective and to look natural. One of the main concerns when dealing with a surgeon that is not specialized in hair transplant is that the hair transection rate will be much higher than if he would have had the necessary experience. During the FUE surgical hair transplant process especially, the medical team must be extremely careful not to damage the follicular units in order for them to survive the transplantation. A painstaking attention to details and great precision in using surgical tools are needed to extract the maximum number of reusable follicular units. This is somewhat true of the FUT surgical hair transplant as well, but to a lesser degree because of the much simpler strip harvesting technique that it employs.

The skill of the medical team is also reflected in the size and the prevalence of the scars. An experienced cosmetic surgeon and medical staff can enhance the natural look of the hair transplant by reducing any unnecessary trauma to the skin of the scalp. This can be done by carefully trimming away the excess tissue around the follicular units and then inserting them into small recipient sites made into the skin of the patient's scalp, but it does imply the use of a difficult stereo-microscopic dissection technique.

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