Micah - Hyperpigmentation treatment with DEKA CO2 laser requires minimal anesthesia

Does the treatment for hyperpigmentation using the DEKA CO 2 laser require anesthesia?

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Answer for Is anesthesia necessary during the DEKA CO2 laser treatment procedure for hyperpigmentation? from Renew Skin Team
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The DEKA SmartXide DOT CO2 laser represents a technological breakthrough when it comes to treating a wide range of skin ailments or unaesthetic effects caused by ageing, smoking and pollution. What is important to remember is that you need to consult a highly qualified and experienced dermatologist in order to maximize the benefits of any procedure and of course minimize any risk or negative effect. The practitioners found at the Renew Skin and Health Clinic rely on the effectiveness, precision and flexibility of the DEKA laser, agreeing that it is one of the safest and less discomforting laser treatments.

Skin hyperpigmentation, also known as uneven skin pigmentation, is a very common pigmentary skin disorder and is generally associated with advanced age progression and excessive sun exposure. It is not harmful from a functional point of view but patients argue that it represents an aesthetic impediment. The DEKA SmartXide DOT Laser device is designed to be used for any type of skin and for any kind of skin sensitivity that is different with every client. The treatment procedure for hyperpigmentation is non-invasive, has reduced risks, reduced recovery time and it does not cause scarring. It usually does not involve the use of an anesthetic, but in some cases such as a highly sensitive skin or at the request of the patient, the medical technician at Renew Skin and Health Clinic may apply a local anesthetic cream, but nothing else.

After the procedure is performed, it is necessary for you to avoid sun exposure so that you can maintain the benefits of the laser treatment for longer periods of time. If you wish to enquire about other details regarding the procedure or to schedule a consultation with one of our dermatologists contact our Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office.

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