Just like women, male representatives also face unwanted hair problems and want to have a smooth skin. Beside the unaesthetic hair aspect, men choose permanent hair removal to feel more comfortable and to tune in with modern times. Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa offers you the latest and most efficient IPL hair removal treatments for both men and women with great results and painless.

You can get rid of unwanted hairs both from the face and other areas of the body with the help of the Intense Pulsed Light treatment for a fast and easy permanent hair removal. IPL hair removal for men is a safe and painless cosmetic treatment. This modern method transfers a large quantity of energy into the skin to destroy the hair pigment without any damage to the adjacent tissues. The procedure lasts from 10 minute for the armpit, face and moustache and up to 2 hours for the legs, back and arms. Several sessions of IPL are necessary for a complete treatment, depending on your skin, hair and depth of its roots, details that will be clarified by our expert doctors. Also, 6 weeks before the treatment, you must neither epilate your hair, for the specialists to be able to clearly analyse the hair structure, density and colour, nor get a natural or artificial tan.

IPL laser hair removal can be applied to all areas of the body and on any type of men skin. Men generally want the painless removal of the hair on their back, chest, shoulders, stomach and limbs but there are also people who opt for complete permanent hair removal, this category including especially sportsmen and athletes.

The main advantages of the IPL hair removal treatment for men are the long-lasting effects, minimal discomfort and no pain or scars, being efficient on different areas and skin types.
For a fresh and neat look, men can choose the professional cosmetic treatments performed with IPL laser by medical cosmetics specialist doctors. Permanent hair removal treatments under Renew Skin & Health Clinic brand are increasingly popular in men due to the modern and efficient procedures available here.