The truth is we can’t prevent ageing, but we sure can postpone it by leading a healthy life. Some of the best advice on doing so is highly accessible because nowadays the media gives us plenty of information about everything and everyone. However, there are specialized doctors who can assist you in certain situations, whether you want to diminish dark spots, wrinkles or skin blemishes, or you need a skin lightening/whitening treatment.

At our Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa, there are professional doctors performing private treatments for a large number of conditions, attaining impressive results with every procedure. But before each treatment, you will be offered a proper physical examination that will determine your skin type and other useful information that is imperative. An effective method is the Glutathione and Ascorbic acid iv drip.

Both Glutathione and Ascorbic acid (pure vitamin c) have an important impact on your body and health, Glutathione being a substance generally produced by your liver and also referred to as “the youth fountain”. Glutathione is an antioxidant composed of 3 amino acids, namely glutamate, glycine and cysteine. In case it is not produced in the necessary amount, you will have to take your proper dosage using other methods including fruit, vegetables, and even pills or vitamins. The intravenous glutathione anti-ageing treatment in Rugby is efficient on many levels, being able to help your immune system work accordingly, help treat diseases such as cancer, asthma, heart diseases, Alzheimer and more, and prevent kidney problems after a bypass surgery.

Our protocol and cost for the above is highlighted as follows:

Week 1 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200) (temporary blood sugar side-effect)

Week 2 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

Week 3 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

Week 4 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

Week 5 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

Week 6 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

These 6 weekly treatments are then followed by one treatment every two weeks for another 6 treatments. At the end of the 12 treatments, one treatment is required every month in order to maintain the results and this can be stretched to longer duration if the desired complexion is achieved. The glutathione skin whitening treatment in Rugby has minimal side-effects, and it is increasingly considered the fountain of youth due to its long-term effects, if performed properly and if the procedure is followed accordingly.