If you find yourself among women who suffer from skin hyperpigmentation in the genital area, you should not worry: besides the fact this isn’t a taboo subject anymore, the technology evolved and can provide you with the best intimate laser whitening treatment in Rugby.

This cosmetic affection may frustrate the ladies, offering them a psychological discomfort and tension in their couple life. The causes of the dark vagina appearance can be multiple: ageing, shaving the vaginal area often, the excess production of melanin, using certain soaps or body washes, wearing tight clothes or underwear made from synthetic material, etc. If not accompanied by pain, discomfort, itching or foul odor, the skin hyperpigmentation is only a matter of cosmetic appearance and doesn’t announce any infection or disease and you can successfully opt for the laser vaginal whitening treatment in Rugby using SmartXide2V2LR, performed by our specialists from Renew Skin and Health Clinic.

What is SmartXide2V2LR? – You may ask. This revolutionary technology for anal and vaginal lightening uses laser fascicles that allow the removal of the dark pigments in your genital area. This new and effective intimate laser vaginal whitening treatment in Rugby ensures you the best cosmetic results, offering you a psychological comfort and improvement of your sexual life. This laser vaginal and anal skin lightening with SmartXide2V2LR is a non-surgical, pain-free, minimally invasive procedure and is an ideal option for the dark vagina treatment.

This genital cosmetic laser treatment in Rugby is definitely more efficient than the traditional vaginal bleaching technique which uses more chemical substances that can cause damage your skin. If you will come to Renew Skin and Health Clinic, you will benefit from a correct diagnosis and you will be informed if you are the perfect candidate for intimate laser whitening procedure. The laser vaginal whitening treatment in Rugby performed with DEKA SmartXide2V2LR is a 45-minute procedure, done under local anesthesia. It benefits from a quick recovery – up to 7 days, but it’s highly recommended to avoid sexual activity during this period of time.

If you find yourself among all of the women who are suffering from the “dark vagina” appearance, contact our Head Office at Renew Skin and Clinic Health and our specialists will provide you all the information you need about intimate laser anal and vaginal whitening and will help you find the best solution for your genital cosmetic issue.