Video interview with Drl Jha at Renew Skin & Health Clinic on age spots and sun spots generalities and removal treatments. Dr. Jha discusses on the type of skin spots affecting different types of skin, detailing upon the skin age spots appearing on darker skins, in the facial area, around the eyes, and on the temples and forehead, in people over 40 years of age, mostly flat warts also called dermatosis papulosa nigra. In white skin people, age spots also appear after the age of 40, generally manifesting on the neck, chest, shoulders and trunk areas, both front and back, this skin condition being medically called seborrheic keratosis, and generally benign, without causing any future health threats.

When it comes to skin spots removal, be it age spots or sun spots removal, Dr. Jha recommends a mandatory medical assessment to determine the nature of the spots. Age spots are usually harmless, being thus a simple unaesthetic condition, the skin spots removal being performed either surgical or non-surgical with radiosurgery and laser therapies which ensure superior cosmetic results, with minimal or no scarring whatsoever. Sun spots require periodical evaluation as they can become dangerous, but removal is performed with the same surgical or non-surgical procedures, according to the specialist’s recommendation.