The video presents an interview with a Renew Skin & Health Clinic client who had undergone a treatment session with the TC3000 technology for the removal of spider angioma or spider veins on the bottom of her nose. She confessed she was very pleased with the results, as these were instant and the TC3000 spider veins removal procedure was very quick and almost completely painless.

Our client had also had a consultation with Dr. Jha prior to the TC3000 spider vein removal treatment during which she was fully informed about the procedure and also browsed through before-and-after pictures of previous clients who had the same procedure, in order to get an idea about the promised results. She was also very pleased because Dr. Jha and the Renew Skin & Health Clinic staff made her feel at ease and provided her with a highly comfortable and professional experience. The TC3000 thermocoagulator technology is revolutionary and ensures instant results in spider and thread veins removal, being highly praised, in this case specifically by our client, due to the excellent and quick cosmetic results it provided her with, given the fact that she considered these facial spider veins as a quite embarrassing and very bothersome.

And, when comparing the other previously undergone spider veins removal treatments performed by other beauticians, our client states that the TC3000 treatments’ results are far superior and much quicker, being noticeable in a matter of seconds. She has already scheduled a second session for the spider angioma removal which will provide her with complete results and absolutely zero spider veins in the facial area!

Before After Results for Medical Cosmetic Treatments