Ingrown toenails are not only an unaesthetic dermatological issue but a painful one as well, so if you’re dealing with this nail condition and you want to effectively get rid of it, Renew Skin & Health Clinic is at your disposal, even if you are from Coventry, with professional services and efficient treatments.
The ingrown toenail condition is cause by the improper growth of the nail’s edges into the skin causing great discomfort, pain and problematic infections. If the ingrown toenail has mild symptoms, our podiatrist can recommend you self-care measures such as wearing comfortable shoes, practice good feet hygiene, trimming the nails straight across and gently pushing the skin away from the nail.

However, if the toenail’s condition does not improve, you will have to undergo a minor surgery procedure to correct or remove the ingrown toenail. Depending on the situation, there are two techniques of ingrown toenail surgery: partial avulsion and total avulsion (removal).

Partial avulsion consists in the cutting of the edges of the toenail to make it narrower and give it a straight edge, making it less likely to dig into the surrounding tissue again. Following the cutting, a phenol substance is applied to prevent recurrence of the ingrown toenail. Total avulsion is the complete removal of the nail, reducing thus the risk of recurrence. This procedure may be recommended is the nail is thickening and pressing into the surrounding skin. Your toe will be left with the indentation, but it will function absolutely normally until the nail grows back. The treated area will then be covered with a non-adhesive, sterile bandage and care instructions will be given by the podiatrist. Both minor surgical procedures are carried out under local anesthetic, so there is no pain involved.

Any other information you need to find out or to undergo a GP, private dermatologist or podiatrist examination, simply contact us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic headquarters, even if you are from Coventry as the journey here will be worth your while. Our fully qualified practitioners will help you treat the ingrown toenail condition in a safe, quick, painless and effective manner, also preventing future complications!