People from Worcester dealing with the ingrown toenail condition can now treat it in a safe, effective and painless way with the help of the minor surgical procedures available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, performed by fully qualified podiatrists and consultant surgeons with years of experience in the field.

Ingrown toenails cause a lot of pain, discomfort and create a highly unaesthetic aspect of the feet due to the nail edges that gradually grow and dig into the surrounding skin. The causes of ingrown toenails are multiple, ranging from genetic factors to a small extent, to inappropriate feet hygiene, uncomfortable shoes and incorrect nail trimming. The self-care measures you can take if the ingrown toenail’s symptoms are still mild are wearing comfortable shoes, improve and practice good foot hygiene, trim your nails straight across while also pushing your skin away from it.

If the condition does not improve after taking these measures, you should see one of our GPs, private dermatologists or podiatrists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic who will recommend a minor surgery procedure for the correction of the ingrown toenail condition you are dealing with. Thus, there are two minor surgical techniques that can work wonders for you: partial avulsion (removal) and total avulsion, both being carried out under local anesthetic, so you won’t be experience any pain or discomfort during the procedures.

As its name states it, partial avulsion involves the removal of just one part of the ingrown toenail, more precisely, its edges which are surgically cut to make the nail narrower and give it a straight line. A phenol chemical is then applied to the targeted area, preventing the nail to grow back and dig into the surrounding tissue.

Total avulsion implies the removal of the entire toenail, preventing thus the recurrence of the new nail’s edges to grow into the surrounding skin again. This is also recommended is the nail is thickening and pressing into the skin. After the toenail is completely removed, you will be left with the indentation, which will be carefully covered with a non-adhesive, sterile bandage. You will also be recommended to keep your foot raised for 1-2 days and given clear instructions of self-care, so that possible infections are prevented and optimum results are achieved. Do now worry that the removal of the whole nail could affect the normal functions of your toe, as this will not happen.

Schedule a consultation at our cosmetic clinic, even if you are from Worcester, and get rid of this unsightly and bothersome condition in no time! Our services are professional and the results will speak for themselves. Contact us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic headquarters, or simply click here for more contact information!