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What is the duration of a hair transplant procedure? Is there a big difference between the surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures in terms of duration and results? 

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The hair transplant procedure in Manchester lasts depending on the type of hair restoration procedure and the bald area that requires correction. Hence, when talking about a non-surgical hair transplant procedure, the process of creating the synthetic membrane can take up to 2-3 months as it involves the designing and attachment of the membrane that is individually created for each patient's condition.

For a surgical hair transplant, a typical procedure of 1500-3000 grafts may take up to an entire day of surgery, implying that a patient will come in the morning and have his/her surgical hair transplant completed by late afternoon as the treatment is a multiple step procedure. Find out everything you need to know about a hair transplant procedure by simply scheduling a consultation at our clinic branch in Liverpool, as this is the closest to Manchester.

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