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Can one session of laser therapy performed at Renew Clinic remove several moles that are grouped in the same area? 

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Answer for Can I get rid of my moles with a single laser mole removal treatment? from Renew Skin Team
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Laser therapy is one of the most common procedures used for mole removal due to the fact that it is fast, painless, minimally scarring and it is an in-office procedure. There are some possible side-effects of the laser mole removal procedure, which may include some swelling, tenderness, depigmentation and some minor skin burns due to the fact that the heat induced by the laser may affect the adjacent tissues. These laser mole removal side-effects are rare though, and occur when the procedure is performed incorrectly, which is not the case with Renew Skin & Health Clinic.
Despite the fact that the procedure is fast, you cannot have all your moles removed in just one session. Normally, the laser mole removal treatment requires three sessions before being completed. There are cases in which some can see the effects immediately, if their moles are flat or new, but other may need even more than 3 session. Moreover, before you undergo any type of mole removal treatment, you should see a dermatologist. Here at Renew Skin and Health Clinic, our private dermatologists can offer you a first free specialized consultation if you decide to undergo the treatment at our clinic, and they may also recommend you other types of mole removal procedures, if you think that laser mole removal is not what you need or if you cannot undergo it. Another great alternative for you may be radiosurgery, which is sometimes more effective that laser removal, it may also offer you better cosmetic results and it also has less side-effects, due to the fact that it uses a high-frequency alternate current at a low temperature and thus, it does not burn the adjacent tissue.

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