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What is the required period of time needed for the Botox skin rejuvenation procedure to ensure proper wrinkle removal?

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Answer for How long before the Botox wrinkle removal treatment starts working? from Renew Skin Team
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The botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, is considered to be especially effective as an anti-ageing treatment due to its ability to safely inhibit the production of acetylcholine, the chemical neurotransmitter that allows the signals from the nervous system to reach the facial muscles' receptors. While this is a very effective means of wrinkle removal and wrinkle prevention, mainly because it reduces the mobility of the facial muscles, which is the main cause of wrinkles, it does not react immediately after the Botox injection procedure.

Of course minimal effects will be seen immediately, but the actual effects of the Botox treatment will appear approximately 4 to 7 days after injection, and the full effect of the Botox wrinkle removal treatment will be felt in 10 to 14 days from the first Botox microinjection session. If the waiting period is considerably longer than this, there is the possibility that the medical practitioner you visited was using either counterfeit Botox or expired Botox, in which case you should immediately consult a different doctor. It is very important that you try to avoid consuming alcohol during this period as well as avoid touching the treated area. If the medical specialist is experienced in performing this kind of procedures, then you will most likely enjoy great aesthetic results.

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