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How are the dermal filler treatments performed? What does the dermal filler treatment procedure imply?

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Answer for How is the dermal filler treatment performed? from Renew Skin Team
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Dermal filler treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical procedures which generally involve the injection of a hyaluronic acid based substance in the areas of the face which require revitalizing. After consulting a cosmetic specialist, you will be informed on how the anti-ageing dermal filler procedure will go, but in general its the same. At first your face is cleansed with an antibacterial solution, after which a topical anesthetic is applied for maximum comfort and then the dermal filler product recommended by the cosmetic specialist is injected into the targeted facial areas affected by wrinkles or other skin imperfections. These dermal fillers treatments require no downtime, thus you can resume your daily activities immediately. The contraindication to this simple and highly effective treatment is that you should not rub the area, as to not disturb the dermal filler material.

The wrinkle removal treatment with dermal fillers is safe, simple and painless but it does come with swelling and numbness for the first couple of days and in some cases some side-effects such as mild bruising can appear, but fear not because its only temporary. Before deciding to undergo a dermal filler treatment you should consult a cosmetic specialist with very good credentials, because the lack of experience can affect the desired cosmetic outcome of the procedure and you would be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. You can find highly qualified cosmetic specialists at our Renew Skin and Health Clinic who perform exquisite anti-ageing dermal filler treatments and will also inform you on any detail about the procedure or of the dermal filler substances used, while also keeping the side-effects to a minimum.

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