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How are the new hair grafts implanted in the bald areas and what is the degree if scarring involved by a FUE surgical hair transplant procedure?  

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Answer for How are the recipient sites made during a FUE hair transplant in Birmingham? from Renew Skin Team
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To start off, we must mention that the FUE hair transplant procedure performed in Birmingham is the most minimally invasive, regarding the hair harvesting from the donor area with the use of a punch procedure. Well, the implantation technique is not very different, implying minuscule slits of the tissue, however is customized, namely the needles our hair specialists use at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are chosen according to the size if each graft to ensure a perfect fitting of the follicular units and also to minimize scarring. All slits are lateral and very small, ensuring complete coverage and also faster healing of the tissues. If you are from Birmingham contact us at our closest Clinic branch and find out everything you need to know before undergoing a FUE surgical hair transplant.

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