Angiokeratoma is formed due to over proliferation and dilation of blood vessels, forming purple-red colored skin tags at first, which then become darker in color, but are completely harmless and pose no threat to your health. Scrotal skin tags or angiokeratoma of Fordyce are not an STI, are not contagious and have no relation to personal hygiene. They are generally asymptomatic, but may cause scrotal bleeding when harmed by accident.

Although angiokeratoma does not necessarily require treatment as it is solely a cosmetic issue, most sufferers wish to have them removed due to the psychological and social distress they are causing. If you are looking for home remedies for angiokeratoma removal because you wish to achieve great cosmetic results in the comfort and intimacy of your own home, you should probably think again, as complete results are very rare. You will see that in some situations, angiokeratoma sufferers have tried the use antibacterial substances like Neosporin, cortisone or anti-fungal powder spray, or even a mixture of topical steroid and antibiotic ointment, and although they may improve the situation, this happens to a much to low extent and you should better seek the advice of a specialist for minimal side-effects and a complete removal of your scrotal or genital skin tags.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic we encourage the specialized angiokeratoma treatments in the detriment of the home remedies for angiokeratoma removal as the results will surely satisfy your cosmetic expectations. Radiosurgery and the CO2 laser therapy for scrotal angiokeratoma removal are non-surgical, painless and minimally invasive private treatments that are performed on an outpatient basis and require no downtime or hospitalization. Both of these procedure act solely upon the genital skin tags, while simultaneously cauterizing the targeted areas, preventing thus future bleeding and infections.

Moreover, scrotal or vaginal angiokeratoma usually needs a specialized consultation and an accurate diagnosis as in some rare cases its darker colour can be an indicative of a much more severe issue, like the Fabry’s Syndrome or even melanoma. So, to rest assured, our doctor specialist at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will perform a physical examination, to rule out any potential life threatening skin conditions. After that, you will undergo the scrotal angiokeratoma removal private treatment that best suits you and recovery will be fast and provide you with superior cosmetic results, which home remedies cannot ensure.

Before After Results for Angiokeratoma treatments