Pearly Penile Papules or PPPs are a group of small tube-like or dome-shaped bumps located around the glans penis and organized circumferentially in one or several rows as strings of pearls. This skin condition is highly common in men but it is harmless and a natural skin occurrence. Renew Skin & Health Clinic is extremely efficient in providing pearly penile papules removal treatments with procedures such as radiosurgery, CO2 laser treatment or cryotherapy for PPP removal. However, there are patients who prefer trying first natural remedies for PPP removal or other home treatments.

Even though the home remedies for pearly penile papules do not guarantee 100% efficiency, they can improve the look of your skin lesions and perhaps even completely remove some of the pearly penile papules.  One of the most common home remedy is applying a very thin layer of toothpaste on the affected skin presenting pearly penile papules. This home remedy is used often because in theory, the toothpaste containing sodium fluoride, sodium hydrogen carbonate, calcium and enzymes should cause the pearly penile papules to dry and fall off after a certain period of time. However, it’s obvious that using toothpaste on such a sensitive area as the corona of the penis can cause allergies and irritations.

Another highly popular home remedy for pearly penile papules removal is the iodine treatment, a natural remedy for the highly unaesthetic PPP skin lesion. Thanks to the iodine’s antiseptic properties, this treatment destroys bacteria and viruses, helps in quicker skin regeneration and cleansing. The cosmetic specialists of Renew Skin & Health Clinic agree that the iodine treatment for PPP removal works on the same basis as the toothpaste causing the pearly penile papules to dry and fall off but this time with less risks or irritation or allergies.

If you’re into a more traditional approach of the home remedies, then our dermatologists recommend you the castor oil treatment for pearly penile papules removal. The use of castor oil proved effective even in advanced cases of acne, UV burns and eczemas because when the castor oil is applied on the affected area it enhances the regeneration and hydration degree of the skin tissue. However, there are only small chances of obtaining a satisfying pearly penile papules removal result since the castor oil treatment doesn’t contain skin-drying agents.

As in the castor oil treatment’s case, a tea tree oil treatment will provide anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial action which is thought to help with the removal of the pearly penile papules, although these skin lesions are not caused by bacteria.

Finally, men who suffer from pearly penile papules and want a home remedy recommendation for PPP removal can listen to Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s cosmetic specialists’ advice and opt for an Aloe Vera treatment. Apart from the standard PPP removal treatments provided by Renew Skin Health Clinic which offer safe and efficient results, the Aloe Vera treatment is the only home remedy that raises your chances for PPP removal without any side effects or future health risks.

Regardless of the chosen home remedy, the best and safest option when suffering from pearly penile papules is to appeal to Renew Skin & Health Clinic where experienced dermatologists and cosmetic specialists will offer you a full professional examination and recommend you the most suitable PPP removal treatment such as the radiosurgery treatment. Please book a consultation at Renew Clinic’s Head Office for more medical advice from a trained specialist. 

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