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Are injury-caused head lumps dangerous? Do they disappear on their own or should I consult a specialist?

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Answer for Is the lump that I have developed in my head after an injury dangerous? from Renew Skin Team
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A head lump which results from sporting injury is very common and most people get concerned, but few lumps of this nature result in serious injuries. Due to the fact that the scalp is a highly vascularized area, injuries often result in bleeding under the skin. The fact that the blood flow is restricted to one area, it causes swelling and bruising. Even a minor head bump can be a cause for a large swelling.
Sometimes, a hit to the head may cause excessive bleeding around the head and can cause an intracranial hematoma, which means that there is bleeding and pressure around the brain. Just in case, if the hematoma does not disappear within a few days, you should see a doctor. If you are confused, disoriented or you have a persistent headache accompanied by imbalance, vomit and memory loss, this means that it is an emergency and you should seek medical attention right away. The Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists will perform a thorough consultation, examining the head bump to rule out any other possible conditions that resemble these growths. An appointment should be set, and after a consultation one of our specialists in charge of your case will recommend you the right treatment. In some cases, minor surgery is necessary in order to release the pressure. Minor surgery for head lump removal is painless, fast and safe, ensuring superior cosmetic results. But again, if the head lump is strictly caused by injury, you will not have to undergo minor surgery.

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