While hair is among the most important of our physical features, it is unfortunately prone to alopecia, otherwise known as hair loss or balding. Today, the latest developments in hair restoration technology allow us to address the effects of permanent hair loss by giving our patients the appearance of a natural full head of hair. Renew Skin & Health Clinic provides you with a wide variety of viable options regarding hair treatment, including: non-surgical hair transplant, follicular unit transplantation surgery (FUT surgery) and follicular unit extraction surgery (FUE surgery).

Our experienced team of medical and hair specialists is prepared to provide you with the option that best suits your particular needs. Non-surgical hair transplant is the perfect hair restoration solution for those who do not have the time or simply wish to avoid complicated surgical procedures. A thin, completely transparent membrane that is infused with human hair follicles is placed on the patient’s scalp in order to create the impression of a natural, full head of hair. The membrane is designed to perfectly match the color and texture of the patient’s hair.

There is also a number of surgical hair restoration techniques made available by Renew Skin & Health Clinic. FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant are cosmetic procedures that allow the surgeon to transplant follicular units from a donor area that is genetically resistant to alopecia to a recipient area that has been affected by hair loss. The harvesting process can be done either individually, as in the case of follicular unit extraction surgery, or by strip-harvesting, as in the case of follicular unit transplantation surgery. After the hair restoration procedure, the hair implant will undergo a recovery period of approximately 9 months, during which the transplanted hair strands will fall off, after which new hair will be generated allowing the patient to enjoy completely natural hair regrowth. Our team of specialists strongly advises that you be very careful when selecting a hair restoration clinic; the experience of the staff and the quality of the equipment are essential if you wish to see the perfect outcome.

If you are ready to make this very important step and feel comfortable with placing your trust in us, we promise we will not disappoint you. For an appointment, simply contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office. 

Before After Results for Hair transplant