Hair removal is a highly requested treatment at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa as the laser treatment can ensure permanent hair reduction results, helping you with the unaesthetic and highly bothersome aspect it creates.

Our special offer addresses both men and women in Cheltenham, ensuring 1 completely free session if you buy 5 sessions of the same area. (Full Body treatment is not included).
Thread veins are also highly problematic and seriously unsightly, especially on the face or in visible places on the body; but you can painlessly get rid of these conditions by simply buying 3 IPL treatments for the face and getting 2 Nd:Yag completely free, being able to experience the benefic effects of both types of lasers. Or, you can buy 3 treatments for the removal of any small, medium or large thread veins from anywhere on the body, and get another 1 absolutely free!

Laser therapy, both IPL and Nd:Yag are highly efficient in the painless and scarless removal of acne, so if you buy 3 sessions you will get 1 completely free, saving yourself the price of a whole treatment. The acne-prone skin is highly responsive to chemical peels, that why we have also provided special discounts on the professional Jan Marini peels, so you can now benefit of 2 40% completely free peels by purchasing 4 peels of 70%!

Stress or other disorders can cause the unaesthetic tired eyes appearance, so if you want to quickly and efficiently get rid of dark circles around the eyes, or eye bags, buy 2 sessions of mesotherapy for under the eyes and get one completely free, saving a whole £150 with this special offer!

Last but not least, one of our special offers can also help you correct the shape of your body by reducing the unaesthetic cellulite and tighten the skin with the help of the highly recommended Velashape treatment. Buy 3 sessions and get 3 more absolutely free! Who can resist such an offer?

Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa provides all these discounts for the people coming from Cheltenham, ensuring quick, effective and scarless results in skin improvement treatment and not only!

Before After Results for Special Offers