Alopecia, also known simply as hair loss or baldness, is the process through which hair loss is experienced on different areas of the body. The actual causes of hair loss can vary considerably depending on the type of alopecia presented by the patient. Alopecia areata, for instance, is an autoimmune disorder which causes the body to attack the hair follicles and produce random hairless patches in a number of possible locations. Androgenic alopecia, on the other hand, is a hormonal imbalance that causes hair loss, following a genetically pre-set pattern; this is why this condition is also called male pattern baldness. Luckily, most forms of alopecia do not imply the complete loss of hair, which gives the patient a number of viable hair restoration options.   

Surgical hair transplants can constitute useful means of restoring the patient’s hair density where hair loss or hair thinning has been experienced. It is important to note that hair transplants can be used in the case of simple hair thinning as well as in the case of male pattern baldness. The medical specialists of Renew Skin & Health Clinic can simply extract follicular units from the donor area, either individually or by employing strip-harvesting techniques, and transplant them to the recipient area. As long as the designated donor area presents normal hair density, the procedure can be extremely convincing due to the fact that the area that has experienced hair thinning still has some natural hair growth capability, making it much easier to produce a natural looking result. If you choose to take this step with the Renew Skin & Health team of experienced specialists, we will provide you with several viable hair loss solutions, including follicular unit transplantation surgery, or FUT surgery, and follicular unit extraction surgery, or FUE surgery. You will choose the hair restoration technique that is best suited for your particular needs in concert with your surgeon after a detailed medical consultation. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we take every precaution necessary to insure that our patients receive the best result in the safest manner possible.

If you consider you are ready to find out more about your options when it comes to treating hair thinning, male pattern baldness or any other form of alopecia, then simply schedule an appointment with Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office. 

Before After Results for Hair transplant