A haemangioma is a non-malignant, inoffensive lump caused by vascular anomalies. This “strawberry birthmark” can differ considerably in size, shape, and colour from bright to dull red. Haemangiomas can protrude all over the body both internally in muscles, bones, liver, and externally on the neck, face, or lips.

Cutaneous haemangiomas are reddish or purplish blisters that involve no clinical symptoms. Yet, if they are subject to traumatic hemorrhage, ulceration and lesions, they may arise resulting in a high risk of infections. Quick intervention is required by compressing gently to stop bleeding. Most haemangiomas are not hereditarily or genetically induced but researchers attribute them to certain proteins in the placenta during pregnancy. During the first weeks or months, haemangiomas reach their full growth, undergo the “rest” and “involution” phases and, in most cases, go away completely by the age of 10.

Rarely developing cancer, haemangiomas do not involve any medical or surgical treatment.  Yet, due to unaesthetic causes, such as the lip haemangiomas, or discomfort which may inflict ulcerations and even infections, some types of haemangiomas require cosmetic treatment.

Haemangioma removal in Birmingham can be done at Renew Skin & Health Clinic with the pulsed dye laser, a non-invasive procedure using an organic dye mixed in a solvent based on the principle of selective thermolysis. The thermal energy of the laser light is absorbed by the target structure destroying the lesion from within. The haemangioma removal laser treatment in Birmingham is quick and atraumatic because it limits the impact of the laser to the lump solely and does not impair the surrounding tissue.

The pulsed dye laser therapy has a good aesthetic and functional outcome being minimally invasive even for the lip haemangioma removal laser treatment in Birmingham. There can be some minor crusting in the affected area which will heal quite fast without leaving visible scars. Before performing the haemangioma removal laser treatment in Birmingham, the practitioners at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will conduct a thorough examination of the patients in terms of medical history, current health status, and lump evolution. This preventive procedure will both eliminate any side effects or complications and evaluate what patients are eligible for the haemangioma or lip haemangioma removal laser treatments in Birmingham.

Our experts at Renew Skin & Health Clinic have got an extensive experience in skin lump removal treatments including those on the lips, and a good reputation in pulsed dye laser techniques with excellent aesthetic results.

Do not miss the opportunity of taking advantage of the body haemangioma removal or lip haemangioma removal laser treatment in Birmingham. Just call the appointment line of our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule a consultation. You will get full assistance from our operators who will willingly provide any requested information.