As we grow old our skin loses its elasticity and various marks and imperfections start to appear. As technology has developed through the years and it’s still developing as we speak, there are now plenty of options to get rid of any kind of spots and other aspects that we don’t like about our skin. Those who are looking for the best laser skin rejuvenation treatment in Leicester can appeal to our experienced cosmetologists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic to schedule a specialized consultation and find out which is the best treatment for their skin problems.

The experts in dermatology at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic will determine, after a medical investigation, which age spots removal treatment to perform that will best suit your skin’s needs. The Fraxel anti-ageing treatment in Leicester is a non-invasive, fast, effective, painless procedure which has had excellent results so far and ensures you the best medical care that you can receive. For great results you will need about 5 Fraxel anti-ageing treatments performed so your skin can regain its fresh and healthy look.

The Fraxel fractional CO2 Laser treatment in Leicester can be performed on various areas on one’s body, but most of the time it is used for facial skin marks or imperfections removal treatment such as acne scars or other scarring, large pores, wrinkles, fine lines, for pigmentation correction, crow’s feet, brow lines, sun spots and age spots, even Actinic Keratosis, a common pre-cancerous skin condition.

Fraxel anti-ageing treatment in Leicester is performed by experienced cosmetologists who use special equipment that ensures you the best skin rejuvenation treatment for age spots removal which will convince you that Renew Skin & Health Clinic is the best choice.

Fraxel anti-ageing treatment in Leicester can be performed on most people and the best way to find out who are those who tolerate it is by analyzing their medical history as it was mentioned above. The Fraxel CO2 Laser therapy is highly effective as it launches laser beams that pass through your skin in order to give you a newer, fresher and healthier skin. The experienced cosmetologists at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic, as skin specialists, assure you the best anti-ageing result with a 3 week recovery period, so do not hesitate and contact us so you can receive the best skin rejuvenation treatment.