Video interview with Dr. Nawal Jha and a Renew Skin & Health Clinic client who has come to the Leamington Spa clinic to undergo another Fordyce Spots CO2 laser removal treatment. The client is at his second session of Fordyce Spots CO2 laser removal treatment, after undergoing his first one 7 weeks ago when he had benefited from the professional services ensured at our Clinic, providing him with excellent results in terms of treating his Fordyce Spots on the lips condition that has been bothering him for over 12 years.

According to the client’s statement, the Fordyce Spots CO2 laser treatment performed by our cosmetic specialist at Renew Skin and Health Clinic was performed professionally, the procedure being a quick and painless one, without causing any discomfort while undergoing it. Thanks to the amazing results he has obtained the first time, our Renew Clinic client states he is ready for his second round of this amazing cosmetic CO2 laser treatment for lips Fordyce Spots removal.

Before After Results for Medical Cosmetic Treatments