Thread veins represent a condition that can affect 30-60% of population, mostly women. Despite the fact that they can appear on your entire body, mostly on the legs and on the abdomen after pregnancy, the ones that create greatest cosmetic discomfort are those appearing on your face.

What you should know, is that as we age an increase in the visible number of facial thread veins is inevitable. However, there are also other causes to facial thread veins such as an excessive exposure to sun or extreme temperatures, lifestyle (smoking), obesity, diabetes or even genetic factors which can make the facial spider veins even more visible and unappealing.  These small red and bluish or purple veins are usually spread out like a spider net, which is why they are called “spider veins”. Due to the fact that they are usually spread out even in difficult areas such as the base of the nose, there are several treatment methods that Renew Skin & Health Clinic disposes of and that people in Birmingham can benefit from. 

Normally, the most common treatment for this type of veins is microsclerotherapy which is very effective and causes minimal discomfort, but has a major disadvantage: it is best for larger thread veins. In order to complete the dismals of this type of treatment, a combination with other procedures which involved laser or radiosurgery was used, these two latter methods being the ones with minimal side effects. Despite the fact that these are procedures that we do use, here at the Renew Skin and Health Clinic we are always looking for new non-invasive methods that can give you the desired appearance.  That is why we have now introduced a new and revolutionary device, the TC3000, which uses the thermo coagulation technology in order to coagulate and remove your blood vessels without injuring the skin.

Our specialists at Renew Skin and Health Clinic will offer the people in Birmingham a first free consultation if you decide to undergo the TC3000 facial thread veins removal treatment at our clinic.  The TC3000 uses the thermo coagulation technique which consists in very high frequency vibrations that cause thermal effect, your blood vessel coagulating and disappearing completely and immediately. The session lasts between 10-15 minutes and the treated area does not require further interventions, the thread veins on the face treatment ensuring permanent results. It is painless, has no side effects and it is not committed to the seasons, not to mention the TC3000's versatility, being suitable for any area of your body, even for those hard-to-get places or with veins smaller than 0.3 mm, without requiring elastic stockings or bandages.

Contact us at our Renew Skin and Health Clinic Birmingham branch on 01926 422 454 for further information or to book your facial thread veins removal TC3000 consultation or treatment. Get rid of the unaesthetic thread veins or spider veins on your face in a safe, painless, effective, quick and side effect-free way!

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