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What are the causes of thread veins and what are they more exactly? What are the factors that can worsen thread veins and how can they be prevented?

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Answer for What causes thread veins? from Renew Skin Team
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Thread veins can be caused by numerous factors, among which, the most common is the ageing process. Once you start ageing, your skin gets thinner and your veins thicken, thus becoming more visible. Despite this, the Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists say there are other factors that can make your thread veins appear and even worsen, make them more visible. Among these, there is heredity that plays an important part, and also, hormonal changes, which can be determined by gaining or losing weight, pregnancy, menopause, or any other hormonal modifications. Also, your lifestyle , if you are not having an adequate diet, if you are smoking or drinking alcohol, all these aspects can affect your skin and thicken your blood vessels, leading to the appearance of thread veins on the face and body. More importantly, you should know that they can become more visible due to excessive sun exposure, extreme temperatures, cortico-steroid medicines or even a history of blood clogs in the family.
Thread veins are a common condition that affects 30-60% of the adult population, mostly women and can rarely be prevented. What is different to this condition is the fact that thread veins do not have side-effects. Of course, in time, they may become thicker and thus, if on your legs, they can cause tiredness and mild pain, but now, the new TC3000 device based on the thermo coagulation principle can help you get rid of them fast, simple and with permanent results. For the effective treatment of facial and body thread veins, people in Birmingham are welcome to our Renew Skin & Health Clinic branch.

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