Facial imperfections caused by genetics, age or external factors such as sun exposure or smoking can really harm the skin and cause unaesthetic damage to the entire appearance. Wrinkles and saggy skin can ruin self-esteem and cause psychological stress on a daily basis, that’s why people dealing with these facial imperfections, including abnormally grown or prominent ears, want to correct them and restore a harmonious beauty of the face. Renew Skin & Health Clinic comes to the aid of people in Leamington Spa and not only with the amazing face lift surgery and ear correction plastic surgery procedures performed at the highest medical and cosmetic standards by our highly experienced plastic surgeons who have acquired a vast expertise in the field.

The face lift procedure in Leamington Spa, also known as rhytidectomy, is a type of cosmetic procedure specialized in making the patient have a younger, fresher appearance by tightening the skin of the face and the neck and removing any of the excess fat that has accumulated over the years. The classical face lift in Leamington Spa, often referred to as full face lift, is especially effective in the case of patients over 40 years old due to the extra skin and tissue. Full face lifts require a slightly more difficult recovery, but they also offer an incredible change. The procedure is extremely effective in eliminating the wrinkles caused by the progression of age as well as by sun exposure. There are only minimal risks associated with the face lift procedure; it generally takes around 2 to 4 hours to complete with a hospitalization period of somewhere between 1 to 2 nights, depending on the patient.

With a mini face lift in Leamington Spa, or a quicklift, the changes are more subtle, yet still visible, being a facial cosmetic treatment recommended to those between 30 and 40 years old. Wrinkles will still be eliminated, the skin tightened and the bruising will last for considerably less time and the sutures are removed in just one week after the operation. Renew Skin & Health Clinic can offer the necessary expertise, the technology and the care needed for these procedures to give the best possible results. Face lifts in Leamington Spa have improved the lives of many of our patients, being one of the most effective solutions available.

Prominent ear correction surgery is one of the excellent cosmetic services provided by Renew Skin & Health Clinic to the people of Leamington Spa. Prominent ear correction in Leamington Spa, also referred to as otoplasty in the medical profession, is the surgical procedure through which the plastic surgeon can correct disproportionate or deformed ears in order to create a more pleasing and balanced appearance. After a detailed medical examination, which will help determine your expectations and if this procedure is right for you, one of our medical specialists will surgically set the ears back giving no visual indication that any intervention was actually conducted. The skilled medical specialists of the Renew Skin & Health Clinic team recommend prominent ear correction in Leamington Spa as the optimal choice for correcting a number of conditions, including cauliflower ear, cat’s ear, Cagot ear, constricted ear, lop ear and microtia. The procedure can be applied in the case of adults of all ages and of children between 4 and 6 years old, without any additional risks. Prominent ear correction surgery is a safe and simple procedure that produces remarkable results and requires only 7 to 10 days of recovery, depending on the patient natural ability t. In order to obtain the best possible aesthetic results and to make sure that the chances of the patient experiencing any medical complications are drastically reduced, a detailed consultation will be held before undergoing any of the aforementioned procedures. During this phase of the treatment, your medical background, your expectations and the inherit limitations of the procedure you wish to undergo will all be discussed at length with your surgeon. Our aim is to make sure you enjoy the aesthetic outcome you wanted without the risk of any unwanted complications.