Skin tags on eyelid are perceived as an unaesthetic and bothersome cosmetic condition even though totally harmless for the body, but that can cause permanent discomfort and self-confidence loss because of their appearance. These small growths on the skin are especially causing aesthetic discomfort if they are located in visible areas or on the face, for example on the eyelid. The causes may vary. In the case of obesity, diabetes, pregnancy and heredity the chance of someone developing eyelid skin tags are higher.

There are a lot of people who wish to undertake the skin tags on eyelid removal cosmetic treatment in order to increase their self-confidence and obtain a better look. And nowadays due to the technological advance, anyone can get the cosmetic improvement they want and eliminate all the cosmetic concerns they are not comfortable with in no time and with no pain.

In the case of eyelid skin tags removal, the best solution according to our clinic lead, Dr Jha, is the DEKA CO2 laser procedure offered and practiced by our experienced doctors here at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa. The DEKA CO2 laser treatment for skin tags of eyelid removal is easy, fast and most importantly, scarless. This cosmetic treatment for eyelid skin tags removal will eliminate these unaesthetic skin growths regardless of their position, size or number, without leaving any scars on the surface of the skin or creating any discomfort and help you become more confident and, in general, better-looking.

During a specialized consultation at Renew Skin & Health Clinic with Dr Jha, you will receive all the necessary information about the skin tags on eyelid removal process with the help of the DEKA CO2 laser, discuss expected results, as well the post-laser treatment care. Because we are thorough in our client service and wish to ensure the best cosmetic results with the minimum risks, our eyelid skin tags removal cosmetic treatment package also includes a biopsy, to determine an exact diagnosis, while also eliminating the possibility of any other malignant growths that may be similar to skin tags.

Usually, the CO2 laser cosmetic treatment for skin tags on eyelid removal takes no longer than a few of minutes, depending of the skin tag size and number, during which the patient’s targeted area of skin gets numbed with an anesthetic cream and then Dr. Jra applies the laser to eliminate the unwanted eyelid skin tags. Because the laser coagulates the blood vessels and the tissue, there is no risk of bleeding and you will be able to go back to your usual routine immediately after the cosmetic treatment, because it requires no downtime.

If you feel like your eyelid skin tags are bothering you and you want to benefit from the skin tags on eyelid removal cosmetic treatment, we have a special offer for you here at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa. The full package price for the DEKA CO2 laser treatment for facial skin tags is normally£1500, but if book now a visit to the clinic at the hotline 01926 422 454 with a deposit of £250, you can get the full treatment at only £1000. The full package includes a specialized consultation at the Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa, a biopsy of a small tissue to determine the precise diagnose and the actual same-day cosmetic laser treatment that requires no downtime, which will leave you tag-free without any pain or discomfort.

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