Emily - Eyelid lumps causes and symptoms in Worcester

What are eyelid lumps and can they cause complications that will affect my vision or create any other health problems?

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Answer for What is a red lump on the eyelid? from Renew Skin Team
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There are various types of eyelid conditions which may cause eyelid lumps and bumps. Most common of these that fit your description are the styes and the chalazions. A stye is red and tender, whereas a chalazion is red, but not painful. It occurs when the meibomian gland becomes fully blocked, and thus, your eye has an inflammatory reaction. Other signs and symptoms of a chalazion include swelling on the eyelid, tenderness, sensitivity to light, increased tearing and heaviness of the eyelid. Usually, a chalazion appears with a few slight, subtle warning twinges, followed by the swollen red eyelid and finally a bump on the eyelid which is the last step before your chalazion heals on its own.
There are cases in which your chalazion does not heal on its own, and medical attention is required. At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, our private eye specialists can help you with a specialized consultation and the most appropriate treatment. The usually recommended treatment is a minor surgery eyelid lump removal treatment. This type of procedure is fast, painless and it offers great cosmetic results, being also safe and requiring no downtime, our patients from Worcester being able to leave the clinic immediately after the eyelid lump removal minor surgery procedure.

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