Eyelid lumps or eyelid cysts are very common skin lesions which raise problems for people in terms of aestehtics, but what should be kept in mind is the fact that despite most of the eyelid lumps are benign tumors, they can also be malignant in some rare situations. That is why Renew Skin and Health Clinic welcomes people in Nuneaton to benefit from a specialized consultation with one of our private eye specialists and from the advantages of minor surgery for eyelid lumps removal.

The most common condition that affects your eyelids is a stye, which is a localized bacterial infection of an oil gland or eyelash follicle in the eyelid margin. Styes can evolve into chalazions, when the oil gland becomes fully blocked. Another benign type of eyelid lump is caused by cysts, among which, more commonly, by the sebaceous cysts, which also occur due to a blockage of an oil gland.

Other type of conditions that can affect the eyelid include Xanthelasma, which usually appears when there is a problem with the cholesterol, seborrheic keratosis which is a brown or dark lesions that can often be mistaken for skin cancer. No matter which is the condition causing your eyelid lumps or swellings, you should always see a specialist in order to avoid more severe health problems.
At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, our private eye specialists will perform a specialized consultation which will also include a thorough medical history check after which, our practitioners will recommend you the most adequate treatment for your condition. The best treatment for this kind of eyelid lumps or eyelid cysts and their removal is the minor surgery procedure.

The minor surgery procedure is performed under a local anesthetic, because the eyelid lump removal with minor surgery is a private day case procedure. This is a fast, painless and safe procedure that can help you in a matter of 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the eyelid swellings, to get rid of those uncomfortable, unaesthetic eyelid lumps, cysts and swellings.

If you are from Nuneaton and you want to know more about or benefit from the minor surgery procedure for eyelid lump, eyelid cysts and swelling removal treatment or you just want to book a specialized consultation, feel free to call our Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office on 01926 422 454, and our operators will provide you with all the necessary information.