Because at Renew Skin & Health Clinic we are perfectly aware of our patients’ needs to look their best, we now provide the semi- or permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure for eyebrows correction in men. We put a stress on this gender category because women are already well-aware of the benefits of such a cosmetic treatment, while men generally are not and are quite reticent to such cosmetic changes. And we will tell you why this is not the case.

First of all, eyebrows are a main feature that can make a dramatic impact on the basic symmetry of the face and even make you appear a few years younger or older, depending on their shape. Men can benefit from the same advantages as women when it comes to the cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows correction, especially when suffering from alopecia or having undergone chemotherapy. The advantages of this cosmetic treatment are that it can reduce the gaps in the eyebrows, it can correct eyebrow inconsistencies, can enhance the thickness or colour of the eyebrows and can re-shape and re-define the eyebrow area.

There are several methods for the eyebrows correction using the cosmetic tattoo technique, such as the solid eyebrow, which implies the colouring in after creating a stencil on the original eyebrow; the shadowing method, very similar to the previous one, but which tends to ensure a more powdery effect, being ideal for light or grey haired individuals; the “embroidery eyebrows” or hair strokes technique that mimic the actual hairs in the eyebrows, being ideal for dark haired individuals. Whatever your wish, we will strive to make it come true.

Our cosmetic specialists are up-to-date with the latest eyebrow correction techniques and ink ingredients used, so you will only have to benefit from the cosmetic tattoo eyebrow reshaping or re-creation procedure. Moreover, the results are long-lasting, and you won’t have to apply make-up on a daily basis, which for men, is rather strange anyway. Our clients will be able to go swimming, play various sports, or wipe the perspiration from their foreheads without worrying about losing their eyebrows.

Our efficient artistry in eyebrows correction or reconstruction in men after alopecia or chemotherapy is also due to the prior consultation our cosmetic specialists ensure, during which all the details of the procedure, as well as your expectations and cosmetic desires are discussed so that the final results will match these. The eyebrows correction cosmetic procedure for men is safe, painless (as we use a local anesthetic cream), involves minimal to no side-effects whatsoever (a mild swelling in some cases which can be quickly eliminated with ice packs), and ensures excellent final and long-lasting results. Of course, these results also vary from individual to individual, and the skin’s capacity to fully absorb the pigment used, so future touch-ups will be necessary, nevertheless, this is a small price to pay (literally) for a man to have the perfect eyebrows! Contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment for an eyebrows correction or reconstruction procedure for men!