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What is the Renew Clinic specialist’s opinion on the safety of a facial thread veins removal treatment and what does it actually imply?

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Answer for Is it safe to have my facial thread veins removed? from Renew Skin Team
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Yes it is. Moreover, the desired results for a facial thread vein removal treatment are much faster obtained than those of a thread vein removal treatment on your legs or body, due to the size of the thread veins or spider veins. If prior to the thermo coagulation therapy, there were the laser, microsclerotherapy and radiosurgery treatment, which in certain situations raised a few issues in reaching certain areas of the face, such as the base of your nose, the areas near the eyes, etc. now, due to the very fine and small needle used by the TC3000 device, these areas are not problematic anymore and can be reached easily. The TC3000 used the R3i needle for the removal of facial thread veins and spider veins which measures only 0.08 mm in size, practically causing no pain or scarring.
Actually the TC3000 treatment has no side-effects whatsoever, which makes it the safest facial thread veins removal treatment available at this hour at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. There are no risks of skin burns, pigmentation or necrosis. The results are permanent and immediate and if you want to have only your facial thread veins removed, one single session with the TC3000 device will be enough to help you get rid of them because it can treat up to 50 cm in a 10-15-minute session. With this occasion, Renew Skin & Health Clinic invites people in Rugby to benefit from our professional services and highly effective TC3000 thread veins removal treatment.

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